Soul liberty, the core of rule of law and human rights
 World Evangelical Alliance Liaison Office Geneva  

The importance of the U.N.

The U.N. is crippled as a gathering of governments. But it enhances your society as it promotes universal norms and approaches to citizens’ rights. Do not expect lasting peace in nations to come from Geneva or New York and less so from U.N. or other international presence in your country. But do use the U.N. institutions to communicate with your own government. And check out with us what your government is presenting in the U.N.

Our role in the U.N. institutions is to voice what national Evangelical communities want to say to their own government as a response to the claims of their government. Particularly the Human Rights Council is important to bring to light the rights of citizens.

The international arena adds a dimension to test your government. All nations of the world are scrutinized in the so-called Universal Periodic Review (UPR). We are ready to work with you to see what can be brought forward in your situation. Many things depend on the national social contract and stability. But remember that in the U.N. your government is compared to other governments.

The UPR process is explained in the following brochure, written by our permanent representative to the U.N. in Geneva for Franciscans International. Contact us to bring forward your assessments.